NYPL Annual Report 10 NYPL  
We are deeply grateful to donors at every level, all of whom make it possible for The New York Public Library to continue the essential services that people in New York, across the nation, and around the world count on every day.

Recommended Form of Bequest

The New York Public Library is a not-for-profit education corporation incorporated under the laws of the State of New York. The Library is exempt from federal income tax as an organization described in section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and is a publicly supported organization under section 170 of the Code.

Gifts and bequests to the Library are deductible under the federal income, estate, and gift tax laws. For federal tax purposes, the Library uses its formal corporate name: The New York Public Library, Astor, Lenox and Tilden Foundations (reflecting its incorporation by the consolidation of the Astor Library, the Lenox Library, and the Tilden Trust). The Trustees of the Library recommend that for estate planning purposes, friends consider the following language for use in their Wills:

“I give and bequeath (dollar amount, percentage of residuary estate, or description of property) to The New York Public Library, Astor, Lenox and Tilden Foundations, Stephen A. Schwarzman Building, Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street, New York, NY 10018, for the Library’s general purposes.”

If you wish to make a bequest for a specific purpose, it is suggested that you consider adding the following language to any restriction you may impose on your bequest:

“If at any time in the judgment of the Trustees of the Library the designated purpose of this bequest proves to be impracticable or impossible, I authorize the Trustees to use the income and principal of this bequest for any purpose they deem to be consistent with the general intent and purpose set forth herein.”

Should you decide to leave a bequest to the Library in your Will, you will become a member of the Bigelow Society. Created by the Library in 1991, the Bigelow Society is an honorary organization whose purpose is to recognize the generosity of individuals, during their lifetime, who include this institution in their estate plans. The Library expresses its gratitude to members by inviting them to special Library events and by listing their names in the Annual Report under The Bigelow Society.

If you or your attorney would like to discuss a bequest with a member of the Library’s staff, please call John M. Bacon at 212-930-0568, or write to him at plannedgifts@nypl.org or at the following address: Development Office, Room 73, The New York Public Library, Stephen A. Schwarzman Building, Fifth Avenue and 42nd Street, New York, NY 10018.


Individual and Foundation Gifts
Corporate Gifts
The Bigelow Society
Named Endowment Funds Established with Gifts or Pledges of $100,000 or More
Government Funding

Individual and Foundation Gifts

Gifts, New Pledges, and Payments toward Previous Pledges of $1,000 or more made from July 1, 2009, through June 30, 2010, with the exception of gifts made toward benefit events.

Donors of $5,000,000 or More
Timothy and Michele Barakett Foundation
Lewis B. Cullman
Roger and Susan Hertog
Mr. Kevin and Dr. Karen Kennedy
Scott and Laura Malkin
Mr. and Mrs. Donald B. Marron
The Carl and Lily Pforzheimer
  Foundation, Inc.
Katharine Johnson Rayner
Mr.and Mrs. Felix G. Rohatyn
Estate of Katharine S. Rosin
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen A. Schwarzman
The Starr Foundation
Steiner/Linder Family
Mrs. John L. Weinberg
Sue and Edgar Wachenheim III
Robert W. Wilson

Donors of $1,000,000–$4,999,999
Altman Foundation
The Jonathan & Kathleen Altman Foundation
Mahnaz Ispahani Bartos and Adam Bartos
Estate of Helen Marie Brown
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Butler
The Carson Family Charitable Trust
Lois M. Collier
Estate of Eleanor Crouse
Andreas and Katerina Dracopoulos
James H. Duffy
The E.H.A. Foundation, Inc.
Estate of Max Engel
Hermione Foundation
Carl Jacobs Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Liberman
Howard and Abby Milstein
The Samuel I. Newhouse Foundation
The Carroll and Milton Petrie Foundation
Marshall Rose
Eric and Erica Schwartz
Marilyn and Jim Simons

Donors of $500,000–$999,999
Estate of Doris Alperdt
Estate of Elsa A. Burrows
Estate of Bettina Dearborn
Ann Kaplan
The Peter Jay Sharp Foundation
Estate of Carol H. Smith
Judith and Stanley Zabar

Donors of $250,000–$499,999
The Aronson and Pforzheimer Families
Sila Maria Calderón
The Coexist Foundation
Mrs. Henry A. Grunwald
Estate of Noel Grean Jahr
Virginia James
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
Estate of Jane Steele Murray
Stavros Niarchos Foundation
Estate of Sally S. Rinard
Rockefeller Brothers Fund
Estate of Judith R. Rosenberg
Estate of Mabel Szeto

Donors of $100,000–$249,999
Helen and Roger Alcaly
Carnegie Corporation of New York
Joan Hardy Clark
Martin Duberman
The William and Dewey Edelman
  Charitable Trust, Kenneth L. Stein,
Mrs. Lawrence A. Fleischman
Friends of Webster Library
Estate of Donald Gabry
Helen J. Gebig
The Gilder Lehrman Institute of American History
Estate of Margaret B. Gloster
Good Samaritan, Inc.
Kathryn and Alan C. Greenberg
Cherie Henderson and David Poppe
The Rona Jaffe Foundation
Estate of Ellen Kagan
Estate of Marion Kahn
Estates of Jane and Leslie Katz
Estate of E. Valerie Klaus
Dorothy Loudon Foundation
Estate of Maurice Oringer
Estate of Jerome Robbins
Estate of Kenneth G. Rolfe
Joseph and Sylvia Slifka Foundation, Inc.
Alfred P. Sloan Foundation
Estate of Lynn Tinkel
Mr. and Mrs. James S. Tisch
Alyce W. Toonk
Mrs. Giles Whiting Foundation
The Winston Foundation

Donors of $50,000–$99,999
The Achelis & Bodman Foundations
The Barker Welfare Foundation
Anne H. Bass
Merilee and Roy Bostock
Ann L. Bronfman Family Charitable Trust
The Brown Foundation, Inc., of Houston
Richard H. Brown
Estate of Jayne K. Campbell
Estate of James Citranglo
Barbara Goldsmith Foundation
The Marc Haas Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. John Klingenstein
Raymond J. McGuire
Robert B. Menschel
The Ambrose Monell Foundation
Tad Mosel Trust
The New York Community Trust–
   The Peter G. Peterson and
   Joan Ganz Cooney Fund
Oceanic Heritage Foundation
Andrea L. Olshan
The Prospect Hill Foundation
Estate of John C. Quell
Mr. and Mrs. William P. Rayner
St. James' Church New Ventures Committee
Estate of Emily M. Salzberg
The Fan Fox and Leslie R. Samuels Foundation, Inc.
Mark S. Siegel
The Harold and Mimi Steinberg
   Charitable Trust
Antoinette Delruelle and Joshua L. Steiner
Milton S. Teicher
Mel and Lois Tukman
Mary Ellen von der Heyden
Mr. and Mrs. George T. Votis

Donors of $25,000–$49,999
The Arts and Letters Foundation
The David Berg Foundation, Inc.
Judy and Howard Berkowitz
Betty J. Bobrow
Scott and Roxanne Bok
Mr. and Mrs. Evan R. Chesler
Steven A. Cohen and Alexandra M. Cohen
   Foundation, Inc.
John M. Conklin
Mrs. Daniel Cowin
Charles and Valerie Diker
Estate of Hannah Stewart Duncan
Barbara and Joseph Ellis
Katherine Farley and Jerry Speyer
Ruby B. Fleming Trust
Jacqueline Fowler
Louis V. Gerstner, III
Stephen and Cathy Graham
Joan Granlund
Martin J. Gross
Mrs. Andrew Heiskell
Estate of Margot Henn
The Herrick Theatre Foundation
Norma W. Hess
Joan L. and Dr. Julius H. Jacobson
Ann and Michael Jenkins
Mr. and Mrs. Henry P. Johnson
Estate of Joanne Sidener Johnson
Ann Kaplan and Robert Fippinger
William W. Karatz
Estate of Peggy Lampl
Carol Sutton Lewis and William M. Lewis, Jr.
Harold W. McGraw, Jr.
Peter A. B. Melhado
The New York Community Trust-Wallace
   Special Projects Fund
Susan and Donald Newhouse
Carole and Morton Olshan
Lynne and Richard Pasculano
Estate of Lavinia Reese
Charles H. Revson Foundation
The Rodgers & Hammerstein Foundation
Estate of John and Joanne Rodwell
Daniel and Joanna S. Rose
Sandra Priest Rose
Susan and Elihu Rose
Robert Rosenkranz and Alexandra Munroe
Gretchen and Jamie Rubin
Richard E. Salomon and Laura Landro
Bernard and Irene Schwartz
Mr. and Mrs. Eric P. Sheinberg
The Shubert Foundation, Inc.
Muriel Siebert
Ann M. Spruill and Daniel H. Cantwell
Barbara H. Stanton
Domna C. Stanton
Michael and Joan Steinberg
Mr. and Mrs. Saul Steinberg
Estate of Arlette Benjamin Stern
Estate of Anne T. Stevens
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Tisch
Helen S. Tucker/The Gramercy Park Foundation
Katrina vanden Heuvel
Mary J. Wallach
Estate of Mark J. Warren
Wille Family Foundation
Mrs. Charles B. Wrightsman
Mr. and Mrs. Jaime E. Yordán

Donors of $1,000–$24,999
Susan Abanor and Harold S.A. Woolley
Diane and Arthur Abbey
Joseph and Sophia Abeles Foundation
Lynn and Seth Abraham
Ernest Abrahamson
Carrie and Leigh Abramson
Ronnie and Lawrence D. Ackman
Acorn Foundation, Inc.
Actors' Equity Foundation, Inc.
Arthur F. and Alice E. Adams Charitable Foundation
Margot Adams
Hilary Addington and Michael Cahill
Patricia Ainsworth
Arlene and Alan Alda
Louis M. and Ruth Aledort
Josephine R. Alger
Cetie Nippert Ames and Anthony Ames
Anbinder Family Foundation
Miriam S. Ancis
Julie K. Andersen
Carol L. Anderson
Jesse Angelo
Estate of Frances G. Antopol
Irwyn and Lucille Applebaum
Arcus Foundation
Judith Armstrong
Henry H. Arnhold–Arnhold Foundation
Jody and John Arnhold
Around Foundation
The Asen Foundation
R. Scott Asen
E. Nelson Asiel
Janet Jeppson Asimov
Bert J. Askwith
Richard and Margaret Aspinwall
The Atlantic Philanthropies
Gillian Attfield
Auerbach Family Foundation
Anna R. Austin
Francis M. Austin, Jr.
Clarence Avant
Axe-Houghton Foundation
Kenneth and Roberta Axelson Family Fund
  of the Maine Community Foundation
Babbitt Family Charitable Trust
Walt and Elizabeth Bachman
Faye and Julian Baker
Hilary Ballon
John Banks III and Lisa Gomez
Randall J. and Virginia N. Barbato
Suzanne Barnes
Martin and Rhoda Barr
Michael H. Barr
Mark Barres
The Bartash Foundation
The Theodore H. Barth Foundation, Inc.
Nan Bases in memory of Joseph and
   Muriel Bases
Bruce Baughman
The Bay and Paul Foundations
The Howard Bayne Fund
Estate of Estelle Beal
Caryn Seidman Becker and Marc Becker
Nell Beckerman
Susan Beckerman
Estate of Elizabeth F. Beder
David Beer
Elizabeth Beier and Michael Hirschorn
Molly Bellin
Amanda Benchley
Claire B. and Lawrence A. Benenson
Evelyn Benjamin
Wayne Benjamin
Alex Berenson
Anne and Philip Bergan
Roger Berlind
Robert A. Bernhard
Elaine S. Bernstein
Stephen R. Bernstein
Kathlyn J. Berry
Estate of Gertrude Berryman
Robert Beshar
Susan K. Besse
Rajeev Bhaman and Sumangala Prabhu
Doralynne L. Bibby
Charles E. Binder
Joan Bingham
Samantha Biro
Jessica and Jeremiah Blatz
Lisa J. and Jeff Blau
Emma B. Bloomberg
Edith C. Blum Foundation, Inc.
Robert L. Bolling
Dr. and Mrs. Jeffrey S. Borer
Dorothy A. Borg
Louise Bourgeois
Francele and George T. Boyer
Jill I. Braverman
Edna L. Breecker
Jasanna and John Britton
Barbara S. Brookes
Laura Tisch Broumand and Stafford Broumand
Cecily Brown
Constance A. Brown
Elizabeth A. R. and Ralph S. Brown, Jr.
Helen Gurley Brown
Karin Brown
Rosemary Brown in memory of Emma Stolz
Suzanne J. Brown
Gloria J. Browner
Clyde and Diane Brownstone
D.J.R. Bruckner
Jeffrey E. Brummette and Donna M. Lancia
Reverend C. Frederick and Judith M. Buechner
Andrea R. and Michael Buman
Jonathan Burnham
Eric and Cynthia Butler
Ildiko Butler
Estate of Sheila Calderon
Len Camber Charitable Trust
Yvonne T. Cappello
Barbara S. Cardozo & Benjamin M.
  Cardozo Foundation
Robert and Patricia Carey
Brenda and Kenneth Carmel
Mr. and Mrs. David G. Carter
Robert L. Carter
Paul Casowitz
Elizabeth A. Castelli
Marcy and Leona Chanin Foundation, Inc.
Barbara and Duncan Chapman
Estate of Ruth Chapman
Phyllis Cherebin
Jim Chervenak
Diana Childress
Diana Thomas Childress Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Henry Christensen III
Joan Hardy Clark
Jan Clarke
Margot P. Close
Connie P. Cohen
Howard Cohen
Jonathan L. Cohen
Monica and Jeff Cohen
Phoebe Cohen
Barbara and Bertram J. Cohn
The Peter A. and Elizabeth S. Cohn Foundation, Inc.
Theodore and Alice Cohn
Dr. Johnnetta B. Cole
Faith Coleman
Stuart H. Coleman
William R. Coleman
Nancy W. Collins
Andrea and Eric Colombel
Ronald and Roberta Columbus
Congregation Emanu-El of the City
   of New York
Constans Culver Foundation
Charlotte L. Cooke
The Cooper Family Foundation/Arlene C. Cooper
Paula Cooper
Willie E. Cooper
David J. Corbin
Sol Neil Corbin
Todd M. Corbin and Alison Price
Elizabeth and Scott Corwin
The Cowles Charitable Trust
Douglas S. Cramer and Hugh Bush
Crosswicks Foundation, Ltd.
Anna E. Crouse
Susan R. Cullman and John J. Kirby
Dr. and Mrs. Paul Cushman, Jr.
Judy and Aaron Daniels
Christopher S. Dann
Jennifer and Bill Danner
Peggy and Richard M. Danziger
Robert and Susan Darnton
Gordon J. and Peggy C. Davis
Caroline and Thompson Dean
Patricia M. De Angelis
Richard De Christoford
Elizabeth de Cuevas
Ellen M. Deibert and Michael J. Quinn
Marie de Lucia and Lee Solot
Christine Denham and Robert Stein
Maurice and Elisabeth de Picciotto
Elizabeth DeRosa
Davida and Alvin Deutsch
Ellen and Pierre de Vegh
David De Weese
Beth Rudin DeWoody
The Dex Family Foundation
Hester Diamond
The Dickler Family Foundation
Joe and Diana DiMenna
Estate of Constance K. Doctorow
Cleveland H. Dodge Foundation, Inc.
Daniel L. Dolgin and Loraine F. Gardner
Vivian and Strachan Donnelley
Estate of John Donovan
Eugenia G. Dooley
Andrea Dorfman
Domitilia M. dos Santos
The Double-R Foundation
Dr. and Mrs. Frank L. Douglas
Olivia W. Douglas and Dave DiDomenico
Joyce Doyle
Frank Drury
Patricia L. Dryden and Brian Siberell
JRS Dryfoos Charitable Lead Trust
Estate of Phyllis Dukore
Joan and Wolcott B. Dunham, Jr.
Marianne Dunleavy
Catherine and David Dunn
Ann Thivierge Durkin
Mrs. Royal H. Durst
Kathe and John Dyson
Joan K. Easton
Frederick Eberstadt
Jessica and Thomas Egan
Patricia Egan
Elizabeth E. Ehrenfeld
Anne and Joel Ehrenkranz
Judith and Harold B. Ehrlich
Julie C. Eichenberger
Benjamin R. Eisenberg
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice Eisenstadt
Carole and Richard A. Eisner
Nancy and Henry Elghanayan
Linda A. & James H. Ellis Fund
Elsam Fund
David Emero
Lydia and Arthur D. Emil
Carol Emshoff
Donald Erenberg
The Armand G. Erpf Fund
Mr. and Mrs. John Evangelakos
Deborah Matthews Evans
Robert and Margaret Fagenson
Fleur Fairman
Linda Fairstein
Jody Falco and Jeffrey Steinman
Deborah Farone
Paul J. Fasana
Patricia and Eric C. Fast
Helen Bernstein Fealy
Florence Fearrington and James W. Needham
Ruth M. and Arthur A. Feder
Fein Foundation
Maurice and Carol Feinberg Family Foundation
Yoseph Feit
Hortense F. Feldblum
Catherine S. Felleman
Edward and Paula Fichtner
Elinor Tomback Fine
Michael J. Fine, Fine Creative Media
Kristin Fisher and Charles M. Allen
Lawton W. Fitt & James I. McLaren Foundation
Reverend Floyd H. Flake
Evan Flecker
Susan and Arthur Fleischer, Jr.
Martha J. Fleischman
Margaret and Howard Fluhr
Penelope D. Foley
Victoria and David Foley
Rebecca Folkman
Connie and Theo Folz
Elisabeth Fontenelli
David B. Ford
Phyllis Fox and George Sternlieb Foundation
Edmond D. Franco
Estate of Barbara Frank
Peter Frank
Thomas W. and Claire W. Frank Fund of
   The New York Community Trust
Roberta B. Franklin
Lynn Freedman and David Frankel
Robin and David Freedman
Burton M. Freeman
Peter C. Freeman
Bert and Carol Freidus
The Frelinghuysen Foundation
Rachel J. Fremmer and Caleb Pollack
Mary Ann Fribourg
Donald Fried
Barbara Friedberg
Estate of Florence C. Friedlander
Marilyn Friedman and Thomas Block
Peter R. Friedman
Sylvia Friedman
Carlos Fuentes
Holly Fullam
Virginia L. Fulton
Estate of Rhea Gaisner
Gerald and Marion Galison
Mr. and Mrs. George G. Gallantz
Martha Gallo and Charles Kerner
Patricia M. and Victor F. Ganzi
Arlyn and Edward Gardner
Johanna and Leslie Garfield
Gloria and Barry H. Garfinkel
Katherine Garrett
William and Helen Garrison
Dr. Julius W. Garvey
The Gellin-Zalaznick Foundation, Inc
Gladys Gendel
Karen and Egon Gerard
Stephane and Alison Block Gerson Charitable Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Victor Gerstein
Dr. Mary Weitzel Gibbons
Britt-Louise Gilder
Joan and Jonathon Gillette
Terry Gilmore
Sonia Raiziss Giop Charitable Foundation
Max and Elisabeth G. Gitter
Edythe and Mike Gladstein
Rosalind and Eugene J. Glaser
Joan Marlow Golan
Aaron Goldberg
Edward and Marjorie Goldberger
Catherine Morrison Golden
Jean Golden
Estate of Ethel R. Goldenberg
Beatrice C. Goldschmidt
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold M. Goldstein
Harriet and Jonathan Goldstein
Donna Golkin
Viriginia Gordan
Elizabeth Marsteller Gordon
Dr. Susan G. Gordon and
  Dr. Edmund W. Gordon
Wendy Gorman
Barbara Gottlieb
The Gould and Shenfeld Families
Alexander E. Graham
Yvette and Larry Gralla
Helen M. Granatelli
Greater New York Chapter The Links, Inc.
The Green Fund, Inc.
John Green
The David and Alan Greene Family Foundation
Gail Gregg
Alexis Gregory Foundation
In memory of Patti Gregory
Rachel M. Gregory
Mary Livingston Griggs and Mary Griggs
   Burke Foundation
Barbara Grodd
The Grodzins Fund
Paul and Diane Guenther
Jan M. Guifarro
Calla and Ralph Guild
Sarah Gray Gund and Geoffrey Gund
Nicole S. Gunn and S. Ward Atterbury
Tim Gunn
Robert W. Gutman
Perry and Cristina Haberman
Sarah Haberman
Warren L. Habib and Alexis P. Walker
Bruce Noel Hadley
Ilse Haefele
Marisa M. Buttrey Hagan
The Hagedorn Fund
Peter and Helen Haje
Kathleen Diana Hale
Mimi Halpern
George A. Hambrecht and Andrea Fahnestock
Peter and Elizabeth Hammack
Doris and Ralph E. Hansmann
The Harburg Foundation, Inc.
Anne and James H. Harding
Serena B. Harding-Jones and William D. Lese
Alexander Haris
The Harkness Foundation for Dance
Harnisch Family Foundation
Mary W. Harriman Foundation
Janet C. Harrington
Ellen R. Harris
Laura Y. Harris
Arthur Hausman
Ego and Cassianna Hayes
Grace Hechinger
The Lenore Linsky Hecht Foundation, Inc.
Jeanne Hegner
Donald F. Heisel
Jean Hellering
Russell D. Hemenway
Dr. and Mrs. Joel Herschman
Helene Herzig
Carol and Carl Hess
The Carl and Marsha Hewitt Foundation, Inc.
Don and Marilyn Berger Hewitt
Robert W. Hewitt
Brett and Gregory Heyman
Barbra B. and Hal F. Higginbotham
Laura C. Hill
Ira S. Holder
Heidi Holterbosch
Jenny Holzer
Roni Horn
Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence D. Horowitz
Estate of Chase Horton
Lauren and James Houghton
Estate of Elizabeth C. Huben
Alice C. Hudson
Dr. A. J. Hudspeth
Annette M. Hughes
Estate of Jeanne C. Hughes
Hugoton Foundation
Isabel V. Hull
Mary and John E. Hull
Humanist Trust
Jeff Hunter
Sharon and Richard Hurowitz
Charles B. Hyman
Isabelle and Jerome E. Hyman
Arlyn J. Imberman
Jane Tillman Irving
Paul J. Isaac
Beverly Jablons
Ellen and Arnold Jacobs
Raphael G. Jacobs
Anita and Robert Jacobson
Karen and Peter Jakes
William and Weslie Janeway
Linda and Morton Janklow
Pamela Jarvis and Anthony E. Davis
Samhita and Ignacio Jayanti
Thomas Jayne
Jephson Educational Trusts
Chandra Jessee
Virginia R. Joffe
Ann Johnson, Georgia J. Smith and Kathleen J. Pressley
Jeffrey C. Johnson
Laura R. Johnson
Phyllis La Farge Johnson
Rita Gail Johnson
Vernon E. Jordan, Jr.
David Kahn
Dr. Norman Kahn and Dr. Dale Kahn
Irwin Kallman
Martin E. and Laurie Kaplan
Jonathan D. Karp
Karen Katen
Florence and Robert Kaufman
Bill and Paulette Kaufmann
The Harry L. Kavetas Family Fund
Ezra Jack Keats Foundation, Inc.
Sarah Keech
Anna-Maria Kellen
Bicky and George Kellner
Mr. and Mrs. James E. Kelly
Thomas L. Kempner, Jr.
Katherine and Peter Kend
Charlotte O. and John J. Kenney
Marianne and Finbar Kenny
Nizam Peter Kettaneh
Miller Khoshkish Foundation
Henry Kibel
Mary Louise and Robert E. Kiernan, III
Daniel A. Kind
Susan Kinzie
Stephen and Susan Kippur
F. M. Kirby Foundation, Inc.
Cynthia and Scott Kislin
David L. Klein Jr. Foundation
Virgilia and Walter Klein
The Walter C. Klein Foundation
Beth T. Kleinbart
Estate of Jeanne Kleinfield
Elysabeth Kleinhans
Frederick and Sharon Klingenstein Fund
B & R Knapp Foundation
Frances Knight
Ken Kolker and Gilda Block
Ginger Komar
John W. Kondulis
James Koo
Thomas Koo
Estate of Edith Kopecky
Lewis and Sharon Korman
Alan W. Kornberg and Harold J. Koda
Daniel J. Kornstein
John and Evelyn Kossak Foundation
Ivor Kraft
Daniel R. Kramer
Sidney & Judith Kranes Charitable Trust
Dorothy and Jerome Kretchmer
Phyllis B. Kriegel
Robert D. and Carol H. Krinsky
Krueger Charitable Foundation
Mark Krueger Charitable Fund of Tides Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. E. Peter Krulewitch
William Francis Kuntz II
The Kurr Foundation
James LaForce and Stephen Henderson
Kay Tobin Lahusen
Nanette L. Laitman
Helen and James J. Lally
Bill Lambert
Phyllis Lamhut
Peter and Deborah Lamm
Loeber and Barbara Landau
Eugene M. Lang
The Lillian and Ira N. Langsan Foundation
Justine Larbalestier
Katherine Larsen
Vito Michael Lastella
Bernard and Frances Laterman
The Lauder Foundation Leonard and
   Evelyn Lauder Fund
Jane A. Lauder
Chani and Steven M. Laufer
Marta Jo Lawrence
David D. Lazarus
Sandra Lazo and Donald H. Layton
Paul LeClerc and Judith Ginsberg
Dr. Richard C. Ledes
Anne Rhodes Lee
Susan H. Lees
Grace Leight
Joseph Lelyveld
The Elbert Lenrow Fund, Inc.
Estate of Irma Leon
Jonathan B. Leonard
Judith S. and Edwin Deane Leonard
Sidney and Helaine Lerner
The Muriel and Norman B. Leventhal
   Family Foundation
Phyllis Lee Levin
Karen Levine
Ruth and David Levine
Leon Levy Foundation
Elizabeth C. Rivers Lewine Endowment of
   Coastal Community Foundation
Bertha and Isaac Liberman Foundation, Inc.
Carol Licht
Peter R. Limburg
Susan E. Linder
Lucia Woods Lindley
Fritz and Lee Link
Barbara K. and Ira A. Lipman
Kimberly and Greg Lippmann
Cara Lipshie
Simon Z. Lipskar
Amanda and Tom Lister
The Lucius N. Littauer Foundation
Arthur L. Loeb
Ben Loehnen
Estate of Helen G. Loewus
Kay H. Logan
Carole Lonner
David and Nancy Lopez
Estate of Bernard Loughlin
John and Roseanne Loughnane
Lovinger Family Foundation
Michael and Carol Lowenstein
Milton J. Lowenstein
Caroline M. Lowndes
George and Pier Lowy
Heather Lubov
Linda J. Luca
Joanne Lyman
Michael Lynch and Susan Baker
Virginia S. Lyon
Thomas G. MacCracken
Earle I. Mack Foundation
Phyllis Mack
Estate of Shelley S. Mack
Robert and Donna MacNeil
Vincent and Anne Mai
Jennifer Fritz Maitland
Anthony E. Malkin
Isabel and Peter L. Malkin
Hermes Mallea and Carey Maloney
Barbara and J. Robert Mann, Jr.
Sandra Mann
Teresa Si Chai Mann
Robert Mapplethorpe Foundation, Inc.
Jack Marcus
Markle Foundation
The Marks Family Foundation
Lucy Marks and Scott Sprinzen
Nancy A. Marks
Frank Markus
Victor Marrero
Donald Marron
Estate of Millicent Martin
Susan Melvoin Martin
Helen Marx
Charles Mathes
Mathis Pfohl Foundation
Priscilla and George Matouk
Estate of Charles J. Mauro
Margaret P. Mautner
Diane and Adam Max
Georgene and Hamish Maxwell
The Helen R. & Harold C. Mayer Foundation
Peter Mayer
Richard and Harriet Mayer
Elizabeth D. Mazza
Mary Ellen and James P. McCarthy
Win McCormack
Estate of Kay McDermott
Kristin A. McDonough
Eileen M. McEvoy
Hannah and Gavin McFarland
John and Gilda McGarry in memory
   of Patti Gregory
Julia A. McGee
Conna McGillicuddy
Amy McIntosh and Jeffrey Toobin
Laurel J. McKee
John A. McKinney
Judy and Heath B. McLendon
Constance and H. Roemer McPhee
Mary Patterson McPherson
James McSpiritt
Jennifer McSweeney and Peter Bruss
Melissa Meeschaert
The Edith Meiser Foundation
Bill Melamed, Jr.
Katherine and Joseph P. Mele
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Melone
Janis and Alan Menken Foundation
Joyce Menschel
Richard and Ronay Menschel
Sue and Eugene Mercy, Jr.
Estate of Myra Meyer
Robert E. Meyerhoff and Rheda Becker
Syva Lee Meyers
Betsy S. Michel, Jockey Hollow Foundation
Katie Michel and Adam Schlesinger
Payne W. Middleton
Joanna M. Migdal
Mr. and Mrs. George Mihaltses
Dan Miller
Erin F. Miller
Erika and Thomas Millet
Junius Mills
Sally Minard and Norton Garfinkle
Carolyn Minskoff
Joan Mintz and Robinson Markel
Doris S. and Thomas J. Miree
Albert S. Mishaan
Calvin A. Mitchell, III
Estate of Milton Mittelman
Isaac Mizrahi
The Leo Model Foundation
Gwen A. Moffat
Mr. and Mrs. Stephen Monroe
Henriette Montgomery
Robert Montgomery
David and Katherine Moore
Diana MacDonald Moore
Willard S. Moore and Margaret Nelson
William G. Moore in memory of Marjorie Moore
Cynthia Morales
Juliette M. Moran
Rhodine Moreau
Estate of Shirley C. Moreines
Haddassah Brooks Morgan
Howard L. Morgan
Susan and Robert Morgenthau
Enid and Lester S. Morse, Jr.
Charlotte Moss and Barry S. Friedberg
Stephen Moss
Anne and Charles Mott
Maryanne Mott
The Donald R. Mullen Family Foundation
Mr. and Mrs. William F. Murdy
Marcia Nabut
Estate of Alexander Nadel
Estate of Daniel Nagrin
Laurie Nash
Murray L. Nathan
David S. Neill
Nelco Foundation, Inc.
Mark Nelkin
Estate of Benjamin Nemerow
Lynn Nesbit
Carol Netzer
Roy R. Neuberger
The New York Community Trust–
   The Bonnie Cashin Fund
The New York Community Trust–Stella Grover Fund
The New York Community Trust–Suzanne C.
  and Carl M. Mueller Charitable Fund
Robert & Ann Newburger Foundation
Elyse and Michael Newhouse
Hope and Joshua Newman
Jerrold Newman
Wendy Webber Nicholson
Nicoll Family Charitable Trust
Diane A. Nixon
The Nord Family Foundation
Carol and David Norr
Francesca Stanfill Nye and Richard B. Nye
John G.H. Oakes
Jane O'Connor
Betty Odabashian
O'Donnell Iselin Foundation
David G. and Janet M. Offensend
Anita O'Gara
The Old Stones Foundation
Dr. Margaret P. Olson
Nancy S. Olson
Abby and George O'Neill Trust
Estate of Clara Orenstein in memory of Albert Orenstein
Orentreich Family Foundation
Sally and Michael Orr
Alice Ginsburg Padwe
Nicole and Bruce Paisner
Hannah C. Pakula
Estate of Ralph Palmer
Helenka and Guido Pantaleoni Foundation
Moses L. Parshelsky Foundation
Narayan Paruchuri
Portia and Basil Paterson
Dailey and Gordon B. Pattee
Mark Patterson
Joseph Paul and Margot Bridger
Pamela Paul and Michael Stern
Mr. and Mrs. Brook S. Payner
Dr. Benjamin F. Payton
Regina Pearlmutter
Peck Stacpoole Foundation
Amy and Joseph R. Perella
James Periconi and Alice McCarthy
Abraham Perlman Foundation, Inc.
Jean R. Perrette
Julia Pershan and Jonathan Cohen
Sandy Pershing and Marc Keller
Elizabeth I. Peters
R. G. Peterson
Eileen Pettus
Mrs. Carl H. Pforzheimer, Jr.
Dr. William F. Pickard
Kate and Barrett Pickett
Marion A. Piggee, Jr.
Pine Tree Foundation of New York
Betsy Pinover-Schiff and Edward L. Schiff
Conni Pitti
Suzanne and William Plotch
Jeanine and Roland Plottel
James and Ellyn Polshek
Cynthia Hazen Polsky
Lise Porter and Arthur R. Matin
Mr. and Mrs. Jerome B. Posner
Donna and Joseph A. Post
Beth A. Potter
Daisy Prince
Yves Provencher
Yvonne S. Quinn
Mary Ann and Bruno A. Quinson
Martin J. Rabinowitz
Arvind Raghunathan and Sribala Subramanian
Dr. Raymond W. Ransom
Roslyn Raskin
Celeste and Joseph M. Rault III
Charlene Ray
Neil Readwin
Estate of Robert M. Reagan
Driscoll Rebekah
The Reed Foundation
Edith T. Reed
Angela M. Reid
Carolyn Reidy
Ann Reilly
Rosalind B. Resnick
Laura B. Resnikoff
The Karl F. Reuling Fund
The Rice Family Foundation
John and Lynne Richards
Frank E. Richardson
Louise and Leonard Riggio
Andrew and Zibby Schwarzman Right
Nataly and Toby Ritter
Estate of Anne C. Rivoire
Sheila Johnson Robbins
Eileen Robert
Karen Roberts
Wyndham Robertson
Dr. and Mrs. Franklin L. Robinson
The Right Rev. V. Gene Robinson
David Rockefeller
Steven and Barbara Rockefeller
Mary Rodgers and Henry Guettel
Phyllis G. Roe
Elizabeth and Theodore C. Rogers
Granville and Jeanette Rogers
Gilbert L. Rogin
Sheila Rohan
Estate of Barbara T. Rollock
Dr. Elliott C. Rosch
Emily Rose and James Marrow
Marian H. Rose
Dr. Paulette Rose
The Theodore T. & Hilda Rose Foundation
Matthew A. Rosen
Richard and Tracie Rosen
Mrs. Alexander Rosenberg
Elizabeth and Robert Rosenman
The Rosenthal Family Foundation
Alan S. Rosenthal
Ann E. Rosenthal
Ruth & Samuel J. Rosenwasser Charitable Trust
Katharine S. Rosin
Elizabeth Ross
Jeffrey Roth
Francine and Alan Miles Rothenberg
Valerie and Jack Rowe
Judith O. and Robert E. Rubin
The Marvin and Sylvia Rubin
   Family Foundation
Neil and Angelica Rudenstine
Katherine Rudin
May and Samuel Rudin Family Foundation, Inc.
Susan Rudin
Philip T. Ruegger III, Esq.
Charles Rupinski in memory of Josephine
   Goodson Rupinski
Lila Russo
Estate of Richard B. Salomon
The Richard Salomon Family Foundation
Arnold and Joan Saltzman
Estate of Herbert E. Salzer
Estate of Salvatore Saraceno
Estate of Julia Sargis
Louisa Sarofim
Sophia D. Schachter
Betty and Paul Schaffer
Simon Schama and Virginia Papaioannou
Ann McGovern Scheiner
Sylvia and Robert Scher Charitable
Judy and Marty Scherzer
Joan G. Scheuer
Sarah I. Schieffelin Residuary Trust
Stuart and Caroline Schimmel
Susan and Bruce Schlechter
Mary C. Schlosser
Morwin Schmookler
Dr. Shirley R. Schnitzer
Adolph & Ruth Schnurmacher
  Foundation, Inc.
Estate of Marianne Schreibman
Kay and Bill Schrenk
Ruth and Julian Schroeder
Thomas Schumacher and Matthew White
Susan E. Schuur
Eileen Caulfield Schwab
Robert A. Schwinger
Elizabeth and Stanley D. Scott
Martin E. Segal
Herbert J. Seligmann Charitable Trust
  in memory of Herbert J. Seligmann
Estate of Leo Seltzer
The Selz Foundation, Inc.
William R. and Barbara A. Serpe
Murray G. and Beatrice H. Sherman Charitable Trust
Donald Shire
Alexandra Shiva and Jonathan Sherman
Gil Shiva
Jennifer M. Shotwell
Marlene and Edward Shufro
Ira Sibulkin
Thea Siegel
Robert B. Silvers
Larry A. Silverstein
Esther Simon Charitable Trust
Jacqueline Albert-Simon
The Sidney, Milton and Leoma Simon Foundation
Kent C. Simons
Nancy K. Simpkins
George B. Simpson
Susan L. Sloan
The Mike and Janet Slosberg Foundation
B. Mark Smith
Betty and Malcolm B. Smith
June Smith and Steve Pensinger
Lisa Smith
Melissa A. Smith
Dr. Ora Smith and Dr. Howard W. Smith
The Ted Snowdon Foundation
Social Service Employees Union Local 371,
David Solomon
Peter J. Solomon
Sarah and Howard Solomon
David Sommers
Maurice Sonnenberg
Judith and Otto Sonntag
The Sontheimer Foundation
Annaliese Soros
George Spera and Jane Ginsburg
The Spiritus Gladius Foundation
Bernard and Anne Spitzer
St. Aton Foundation
Elaine and Stephen Stamas
Michael Stansky
Alexandra Stanton and Sam Natapoff
Ruth S. Stanton
Anne and Jacob Starr Foundation
Elizabeth Statler
Vera J. Stecher
Michele Steckler and Cathy Grier
The Fred Stein Family Foundation
Justin S. Steinberg
Mr. and Mrs. Richard Steinberg
Mrs. Daniel Steiner
Mary B. and William C. Sterling, Jr.
Alfred R. Stern and Barbara Biben
Lilian Stern and David Sicular
Rebecca Stich
Suzette I. Stoler
Alyson Stone
Ralph M. Stone
Lynn G. Straus
Peter Strauss
The Dorothy Strelsin Foundation
Howard Stringer
Lee and Roger Strong
Philip Strongin
Lynn Strudler
Michael and Veronica Stubbs
Arthur O. Sulzberger and Allison Cowles
Edward Sulzberger Foundation, Inc.
Solon E. Summerfield Foundation, Inc.
Nina and Michael Sundell
William Sussman & Jane Steele
Estate of Doris Sutliff
Charles and Sally Svenson
Lucia D. Swanson and Theodore A. Levine
Kathleen M. Sweeney and Manfred Kuechler
Monica Sweeney
Lybess Sweezy and Ken Miller
Helen M. Swinton
Szilvia Szmuk-Tanenbaum
Anna M. and Robert D. Taggart
Daniel and Toby Talbot
Gay and Nan A. Talese
Sukey C. Tamarkin
Estate of Charles J. Tanenbaum
Nicki and Harold Tanner
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Tarr–Lower Manhattan
   Cultural Council
Annie R. Taube
Virginia and Willard B. Taylor
David & Sylvia Teitelbaum Fund, Inc.
Judy E. Tenney
James N. Thomas
Ann Thornton
Marjorie B. Tiven
Bernard J. Toale and Joseph R. Zina Charitable Fund
Nancy E. Toff
Ruth B. Toff
Stirling Tomkins, Jr.
Valerie Tootle
Tom Topor
A. Robert Towbin
Calvin Trillin
Kathleen H. Tripp
Joel S. Truman
Michael Tuch Foundation, Inc.
Jonathan D. Tunis
Ruth Turner Fund, Inc.
John D. Tuttle
Estate of Rickel Twersky
Anna-Rose Tykulsker
In memory of Dr. Bernard and Helene Tzall
   from Martin and Steven Mitchell and
   the Certified Laboratories family
Senen and Joy White Ubina
F. Paco Underhill
The Yaspan Unterberg Foundation, Inc.
Melissa G. Vail
Henry van Ameringen
Robert J. Vanni
Rosario Varela
Mr. and Mrs. John J. Veronis
Ellen M. Violett and Mary P.R. Thomas
Anthony and Margo Viscusi
Melody Vogelmann
Ernest and Dolores Vogliano
Marie J. Vogliano and Thomas Goodman
The Lothar von Ziegesar Foundation, Inc.
Jeanette Sarkisian Wagner
Marc N. Waldor
Darren Walker
Holly B. Wallace
Dana Wallach and Michael Jones
Estate of Joseph M. Walsh
Bruno Walter Memorial Foundation
Joseph Warren
Dr. Levi Watkins, Jr.
Caroline Weber
Joan Weberman
Evelene Wechsler
Joan and William Weiant
Edith and Michael Weinberg
Estate of Eugenie Weinberg in honor and
   memory of Otto and Eugenie Weinberg
Peter and Mary Beth Weinberger
The Isak and Rose Weinman Foundation, Inc.
Andrew Weinrich
The Emanuel and Anna Weinstein Foundation
Weintz Family Foundation
Lucille Werlinich
John C. Whitehead
Kate R. Whitney and Franklin A. Thomas
Ann Wiener
Angela and Ben Wilcox
Deborah E. Wiley
Francis H. Williams
Mary L. and Jane W. Williams Trust
Patricia Anne Williams
William J. Williams, Jr.
Mark A. and Carol A. Willis
Amy Wilson and David Flannery
Peter S. Wilson
Estate of Leonard Winston
Fred Wistow
Barbara D. Witkov
Joseph A. Wittreich, Jr. and Stuart Curran
Shelia and Thomas K. Wolfe, Jr.
Lisa Woods
Stuart Woods
Peter and Carolan Workman
Ashley Wotiz
Roberta J. Yancy
Camille D. Yarbrough
Ada Zambetti
Jennifer Zaslow and Mark Katz
Richard L. Ziemacki, Cambridge
   University Press
Mary and George Herbert Zimmerman
Audrey and Richard S. Zinman
William and Caroline Zinsser
Estate of Lillian Zucker

Government Funding

The City of New York
Empire State Development Corporation
National Endowment for the Arts
National Endowment for the Humanities
National Film Preservation Foundation
New York State Council on the Arts
New York State Education Department
The State of New York
U.S. Department of Education
U.S. Institute of Museum and Library Services
Universal Service Administrative Company,
   Schools and Libraries Division

The New York Public Library is supported generously by elected officials at the City, State, and Federal levels:

City of New York
Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg
Speaker Christine C. Quinn
Comptroller John C. Liu
Bronx Borough President Ruben Diaz, Jr.
Manhattan Borough
Scott M. Stringer
Staten Island Borough
James P. Molinaro
Council Member Maria del Carmen Arroyo
Council Member Gale A. Brewer
Council Member Fernando Cabrera
Council Member Margaret Chin
Council Member Inez E. Dickens
Council Member Helen D. Foster
Council Member Daniel R. Garodnick
Council Member Vincent J. Gentile
Council Member Vincent Ignizio
Council Member Robert Jackson
Council Member G. Oliver Koppell
Council Member Jessica S. Lappin
Council Member Melissa Mark-Viverito
Council Member Rosie Mendez
Council Member James S. Oddo
Council Member Annabel Palma
Council Member Domenic M. Recchia, Jr.
Council Member Joel Rivera
Council Member Ydanis Rodriguez
Council Member Deborah Rose
Council Member Larry B. Seabrook
Council Member James Vacca
Council Member Jimmy Van Bramer

State of New York
Governor Andrew M. Cuomo
Lieutenant Governor Robert J. Duffy
Senate Majority Leader Dean G. Skelos
Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver
Senator Rev. Rubén Diaz, Sr.
Senator Thomas K. Duane
Senator Adriano Espaillat
Senator Ruth Hassell-Thompson
Senator Jeffrey D. Klein
Senator Liz Krueger
Senator Andrew J. Lanza
Senator Bill Perkins
Senator Gustavo Rivera
Senator Diane J. Savino
Senator José M. Serrano
Senator Daniel L. Squadron
Assembly Member Carmen E. Arroyo
Assembly Member Michael Benedetto
Assembly Member Jonathan L. Bing
Assembly Member Nelson L. Castro
Assembly Member Marcos Crespo
Assembly Member Michael J. Cusick
Assembly Member Jeffrey Dinowitz
Assembly Member Herman D. Farrell, Jr.
Assembly Member Vanessa L. Gibson
Assembly Member Deborah J. Glick
Assembly Member Richard N. Gottfried
Assembly Member Carl E. Heastie
Assembly Member Brian P. Kavanagh
Assembly Member Micah Z. Kellner
Assembly Member Guillermo Linares
Assembly Member Nicole Malliotakis
Assembly Member Daniel J. O’Donnell
Assembly Member Peter M. Rivera
Assembly Member José Rivera
Assembly Member Naomi Rivera
Assembly Member Robert Rodriguez
Assembly Member Linda B. Rosenthal
Assembly Member Eric Stevenson
Assembly Member Matthew Titone
Assembly Member Lou Tobacco
Assembly Member Keith L. T. Wright

United States Congress
Senator Kirsten E. Gillibrand
Senator Charles E. Schumer
Congressman Joseph Crowley
Congressman Eliot L. Engel
Congressman Michael Grimm
Congresswoman Carolyn B. Maloney
Congressman Jerrold Nadler
Congressman Charles B. Rangel
Congressman José E. Serrano
Congresswoman Nydia M. Velazquez


Corporate Gifts

Gifts, New Pledges, Ongoing Pledges, Matching Gifts, and Gifts-in-kind of $1,000 or more made from July 1, 2009 through June 30, 2010, with the exceptions of gifts made toward benefit events.

Benefactors ($500,000–$999,999)
Alcoa Foundation

Major Gifts ($100,000–$499,999)
Bank of America
Citi Foundation
The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.
News Corporation
Rudin Management Company
Time Warner Inc.
Verizon Foundation

Sustainers ($50,000–$99,999)
Con Edison
Goldman, Sachs & Co.
The Hearst Corporation
JPMorgan Chase Foundation
New York Yankees Foundation
Random House, Inc.

Sponsors ($25,000–$49,999)
American Express
The Bank of New York Mellon
Central National–Gottesman Foundation
Google Inc. Charitable Giving Fund
   of Tides Foundation
The Estée Lauder Companies Inc.
New York Private Bank & Trust/
   Emigrant Bank
The New York Times Company Foundation
Pfizer Inc
Random House, Inc.
Ruane, Cunniff & Goldfarb, Inc.
Scholastic Inc.
Sony USA Inc.
Southwest Airlines
John Wiley & Sons, Inc.

Associates ($10,000–$24,999)
9 to 5, L.L.C.
Cahill Gordon & Reindel LLP
Colgate-Palmolive Company
Credit Suisse
Davis Polk & Wardwell
The Walt Disney Company
Walt Disney Theatrical Productions, Ltd.
The Guardian Life Insurance Company
   of America
Tim Hortons
IBM International Foundation
La Grenouille
Malkin Holdings LLC
MetLife Foundation
Morgan Stanley
W. W. Norton & Company, Inc.
NYSE Foundation, Inc.
Pershing Square Capital Management L.P.
Simpson Thacher & Bartlett
Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom
Staten Island Foundation
Sullivan & Cromwell
TD Charitable Foundation
Wachtell, Lipton, Rosen & Katz
Winston & Strawn

Patrons ($5,000–$9,999)
Air France
Alleghany Corporation
American Girl
Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder Holdings, Inc.
The Bloomingdale's Fund of the Macy's
Corning Incorporated Foundation
Dewey & LeBoeuf LLP
Exxon Mobil Foundation
Fidelity Investments
First Manhattan Co.
Fisher Brothers
Fitzpatrick, Cella, Harper & Scinto
Loeb Partners Corporation
Macmillan Publishers
Macquarie Group Foundation Limited
Milberg Factors, Inc.
Morningstar, Inc.
Mutual of America
Pearson Education
Penguin Group
Shearman & Sterling
Simon & Schuster, Inc.
Stop & Stor
USA Networks, Inc.
The H.W. Wilson Foundation
Wine Enthusiast
Workman Publishing Co., Inc.
Xerox Corporation

Conservators ($1,000–$4,999)
American International Group, Inc.
Atelier Malvar & Tusch LLC
Baker & Taylor
The Boeing Company
W. P. Carey & Co., Inc.
Career Development Specialists Network
Chanel, Inc.
Clifford Chance LLP
Coller Capital
Delegation of the European Commission
   to the U.N.
Dimensional Fund Advisors, LP
The Dorsey & Whitney Foundation
Drakes Bay Fundraising
Edelman Public Relations Worldwide
Epiphany Media
GE Foundation
Georgica Advisors LLC
Global Access Investment Advisor, LLC
Greenhill Capital Partners
HGW Management Company, LLC
Houghton Mifflin Company
ICE Futures US
J.C.C. Fund
The League of Off-Broadway Theatres
  and Producers
The League of Professional Theatre Women
The Merck Company Foundation
Merrill Lynch & Co. Foundation, Inc.
Milbank, Tweed, Hadley & McCloy
Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America, Ltd.
Moschini Productions
Newmark & Company Real Estate Inc.
Nippon Steel U.S.A., Inc.
Omega Advisors, Inc.
Palm Bay International Inc.
Patterson, Belknap, Webb & Tyler
Penguin Books
Penn State University
Peter J. Solomon Company Limited
Pine Brook Road Partners LLC
The Riverside Company
The Rockefeller Group
Rock and Rain, Inc.
Scudder Kemper Investments, Inc.
Select Equity Group, Inc.
Siegel & Gale LLC
US Bank
U.S. Russia Business Council
United Technologies Corporation
The Wall Street Journal
World Federation of Exchanges   

The Bigelow Society

(members have included the Library in their estate plans)

Irrevocable Planned Gifts
Robert G. Adams
Helen M. Allen
Muriel Allinson
Janet and Edward Allworth
Joyce Anderson
Leonora M. Anderson
William W. Appleton
Lionel A. Arnold
Carol Ascher and Robert Pittenger
Hope and Arnold Asrelsky
Mr. and Mrs. Herbert August
Blanche D. Balacek
Lawrence Bartelsen
Florence Baskoff
Thelma Beale
Irma Bell
Mr. and Mrs. Maurice J. Bendahan
Claire B. Benenson
Joan Benson
Marie Benson
Vilma F. Bergane
Susanna Berger
Lee Billington
Samantha Biro
Anne Blatt
Edmund Bleich
Betty and Albert Bodian
James Bogue
Herbert A. Boley
George B. Bookman
Dorothy A. Borg
Janet Bower-Bachelet
Edmund A. Bowles
Ann M. Bragg
Mary A. Brendle
Lorraine G. Budny
Mr. and Mrs. Samuel C. Butler
Nina Bykow
Mrs. James Cahn
Castle B. Campbell
William Canfield
Eleanor Carlucci
Mildred Carroll
Mary Ann Caws
Bertha Chase
Tse-Yun Chu
Kenneth and Nona Clarke
Margot P. Close
Karen Cocchi
Ruth Cohen
Theodore and Alice Ginott Cohn
Charlotte L. Cooke
Mrs. Sidney Cooley neé Rose Smith Price
Caroline B. Cooney
Robert M. Costa
Howard Cravis
James D. Crawford
Malcolm Crawford
Sybil M. and John P.
* Daneman
Ann M. Darmstaetter      
Sheila and Harold Davis
Margaret C. Davison
Muriel A. Diamond
Ruth Dickler
Erica Doctorow
John and Rose Donnelly
Dorothy B. Donovan
Eugenia G. Dooley
Charles R. Drew
Frone and Maurice Eisenstadt
Carol Emshoff
Richard B. Everett
Gertrud Fankhauser
Paul Fasana
Henry Fehrenbacher
Marjorie Anne Flory
Mildred Forrell
Jeannette Foss
Edith F. and Eugene P. Friedman
Shirley Gallagher
Robert J. Geiger
Madeleine Gekiere
Barbara Gettinger
James C. Giblin
Creighton Gilbert
Nancy Glamore
Antonina Glass
Elmera Goldberg
Margaret Goldman
Morris M. Golub
Emma Leigh Goodwin
Eugene Gordon
Miriam Gordon
Margery and Riccardo
* Gori-Montanelli
Georgia Adams Grann
Patricia Grant
Ann F. Green
Bernice Grohskopf
Marvin Grumet
Rosalind Guaraldo
Julina Gylfe
Helen M. Hacker
Robert G. Hartmann
James Wood Henderson
Mary C. Henderson
Sourya Henderson
Laurette K. Herman
David Heskin
Maureen Horgan
Susan Howard
Uri and Johanna Hurwitz
Ida S. Hymowitz
Clifford Jackson
Irma B. Jaffe
Gertrude Jelinek
Lucy Jensen
Elsie Ann Juchheim
Zigmund C. Kaminski
Dorothy Anne Keller
Madeline Kerns
* and Edward Kirkland
Carolyn Kirmss
Doris M. Kling
Edith Kopecky
Lydia S. and Leopold G. Koss
Janet Kozera
Frank Robert Kraft
Mavis E.P. Lakeman in memory of
  Joseph Schrank
Cyrilla Dorn Langeais
Don Laviano
Grace Leight
Angela Lennox-Kay
Irma S. Leon
Katherine Lessersohn
Lucy D. Lieberfeld
Milton J. Lowenstein
Bradley J. Lutz
Karyl Charna Lynn
Virginia S. Lyon
Anna Macias
Mr. and Mrs. Robert B.W. MacNeil
Herbert J. Maletz
Alice Maram
Kishore B. Marathe
Lorraine Mashioff
George William Mayer, Jr.
Charlotte Mayerson
Jean M. McCarroll
Charles McCown
Frieda Melnick
Charles W. Merrels
Lola Meyerson
James Miller
Leigh M. Miller
Saul Mines
Milton Mittelman
Frank Montaturo
Dan and Shirley
* Moreines
Cynthiane Morgenweck
Carole Morrill
Erwin and Audrey Muscat
Mary J. Mycek
Juliana C. Nash
Murray L. Nathan
Marjorie Naughton
John Bulica Nicholson
Eleanor November
Paula Offricht
Marian M. Oliva
Sally and Michael Orr
Saul Ostrow
Mrs. Robert E. Pabst
Ralph R. Palmer
Gilbert Parker in honor of Betty Corwin
Regina Pearlmutter
James A. Pendergrass, Sr.
Roberto J. Pick
Muriel Pivalo
Marietta Poerio
David Rabois
Paul and Mildred Rafaj
Eileen Nagel Rafield
Jane Randall
Judy T. Reemtsma
Mrs. William C. Ridgway, Jr.
Jeanne Robertson
Mordecai Rochlin
Helen G. Roht
Marion Roiphe
Sheila M. Rosen
Richard Rosenbloom
Peter Rosendahl
Sonya Rosenfeld
Daniel Rossiter
Norma Rossler
Nell M. Rothschild
Jane C. Rubens
Irma Rusk
Mariann Russell
James Sargis
Renée and Carl Schlesinger
Rona and Martin L. Schneider
Barbara Schoenberg
H. Joseph Scott
Lenore Scott
Mrs. David Scribner
Eleanor and Irwin Segan
Hara Seltzer
Paul R. Seymour
June Sheer
Jerry A. Shroder
Fairchild B. Smith
Harold F. Smith
Sharon Dunlap Smith
Winthrop Smith
Rosalyn Smolen
Leona Sobel
Josephine Sokolski
Carmelo V. Spadafore
Mr. and Mrs. Hoyt Spelman III
Beatrice Spillane
Susanne Suba
Beverly M. Sullivan
Joseph A. D. Surace
Kathleen Susmann
Dorothy L. Swerdlove
Charles J. Tanenbaum
Dorothy B. Thornton
David Tischler
Gloria Title
Florence Toledano
Tom Topor
Phyllis Trible
Edith F. Unger
Irene D. van Biema
Marjorie A. Van Tassell
Nancy D. Warfield
Anthony M. Warren
Syed M. Wasiqullah
Harold Webb in memory of
  Sidney Brettschneider
Jane Weidlund
Fred M. Weil
Miriam Welsh
Dora L. Wiebenson
George and Adelia Williams
Dolores M. Wills
Jack H. Wolf

Bequest Intentions
Kathleen T. Aaron
Robert Abbott
V. Mary Abraham
Estelle Abrahamson
Robert G. Adams
J. David Adler
Carole Adrian
Carl W. Albers
Mia Albright
Peter Allemano
Stephen Ames
Ruth Anderson
Charles R. Andrews
Marilyn Apelson
Madison Arnold
* and Mrs. Ilhan Arsel
The Arts and Letters Foundation
James E. Audino
Herbert August
Rhett Austell
Nancy S. Axelrad
Julian Bach
John M. Bacon
Conrad Bahlke and Roxane Orgill
Mary McConnell Bailey
Mrs. Bernt (Audrey) Balchen
Aline K. Ball
Mary Beth Balogh
J. Leiter Bamberger, Jr.
Stevan and Caryl Baron
Barbara Barran
Thomas Barran
Laurinda Barrett
Lisa Basch
Florence Baskoff
Anthony Basta
Sharon L. Baver
Irene Bayer
Marguerite S. Bedell
Flora W. Benas
Claire B. Benenson
Evelyn Benjamin
Randy V. Beranek
Julius Berenson
Susanna Berger
Seth Berkley
Jack Bernstein
Selma Bernstein
Lloyd G. Berry
James A. Bess
Richard Bianchi
Susan Hulsman Bingham
Samantha Biro
Chester Biscardi
Anne Blatt
Florence J. Bloch
Agnes Bogart
Gloria B. Bogin
Rose-Marie Boller
S.H.A. Booker
Doris Bookman
Marguerite Borchardt
Dorothy A. Borg
Anna Bossers
Edna Bowen
Edmund A. Bowles
Peter Boysen
George A. Bradley
Joan Bragin
Edna L. Breecker
Mary A. Brendle
Marilou Brill and David Heskin
Margaret Broadbent
Mr. and Mrs. Alan J.
* Broder
David Brown
Francine Brown
Helen Gurley Brown
Linda K. Brown
Anne Turner Bruno
Cynthia B. Brush
Michele Buchanan
Lorraine G. Budny
Gerald Busby
Rochelle Busch
Samuel C. Butler
David Cain
Jean Burton Walker Campbell
Theresa J. Canada
Gabriella Befani Canfield
Barry John Capella
Eleanor Carlucci
Matilda Cascio
Kay Cassell
Christopher Casso
Robert Chamberlaine
Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth A. Chambers
Chen Ing Chang
Helen V. Chaplin
Bertha Chase
Irene H. Chayes
Barry Chester and Elissa Cogan
Judith Childs
Gene Christian
Sadie Cinader
Joan Hardy Clark
Margot P. Close
Thais Cohrone
Vineta Colby
Joseph Bailey Cole
Marie H. Cole
Mrs. Sager Tilden Colman
Ronald Columbus
Charlotte L. Cooke
Margaret Cooley
Barbara Roisman Cooper
Katherine L. Coppock
Sol Neil Corbin
Maurice Cory
E. W. Count
Bonnie R. Crown
Lewis B. Cullman
Glenn S. Daily
Rosamond W. Dana
Alma Daniel
Florence S. Daniels
Judy Daniels
Mrs. Wilbur Daniels
Joy Darlington
Robert W. Davenport
Deborah T. Davis
Robert and Alice Davis
Ruth Davis
Margaret C. Davison
Diana J. Dean
Patricia M. De Angelis
Sally Deitz
Gonzalo de Las Heras
Steve and Connie Delehanty
Marie de Lucia and Lee Solot
Mr. and Mrs. Peter Demy
John Denkowski
Jamie deRoy
Harold Z. Dessler
Ruth Dickler
Mary Ellen Donovan
Eugenia G. Dooley
Irene Dowd
Joyce Doyle
Patricia J. Doyle
Marjorie H. Drabkin
Diane Dreher
William A. Dreher
Mrs. Charles V. Drew
James Duffy
Gretchen Dykstra
Conrad J. Eberstein
Barbara Lee Ebs
Marguerite Eckert
Merle Edelman
Winifred Edmead
Lydia Edwards
Julie C. Eichenberger
Frone and Maurice Eisenstadt
Carolyn A. Eldred
Ethel Elkin
Audrey Ellinger
Scott Ellis
Carol Emshoff
Judith Entes
Ann Fagan and Gabor Vermes
Gertrud Fankhauser
Judy Farkas
Paul Fasana
Gemma Fastiggi
Vivien Fauerbach
Helga Feder
Jesse Feiler
Hortense F. Feldblum
Catherine S. Felleman
Mrs. Stanley J. Fenvessy
Dennis Ferguson
Kathleen Ferguson
Edward and Paula Fichtner
Frank R. Fioramonti
Mary Fisher-Northrop
Mary Flannery
Erwin Flaxman and Linda Laughlin
Patricia A. Fletcher
Roy Flower     
Ellen L. Fogle
Tom Fontana
Seanan Forbes
Mr. and Mrs. Norman F. Foy
Edmond D. Franco
Stephen Francoeur
Gail Fread
Darlene Freeman
Eunice Healey Freezer
Ronald Freyberger
Ruth G. Fribourg
Harvey Fried
Ruth V. Friedman
Sylvia Friedman
Ruth Fromm
Dorothy B. Gail
Lois Gartlir
Lauren M. Gee
Robert J. Geiger
Michael Gelber    
Gladys Gendel
Egon R. Gerard
Brian Gerber
Elaine Gershman
Louis Gersten
Connie Giampietro
Mary Gibbons
Ellen B. Gibbs
James C. Giblin
Judith Ginsberg
Elisabeth Gitter
Gloria T. Glaser
Nora L. Glass
Judith M. Glassman
Patricia M. Glenns
Maxine Glorsky
Joan Marlow Golan
Herbert Z. Gold
Joyce Golden
Fanny Goldfarb
Albert S. Goldman
Margaret Goldman
Morris M. Golub
Evelyn Goodman
Regina F. Gordon
Jean Patrice Gorham and Robert H. Brenner
Leah Gorham
Richard A. Gorr
Gabriele M. Gossner
Stanley Gotlin
Barbara Gottlieb
Lorraine Gracey
Mrs. Robert D. Graff
Sally Gran
Georgia Adams Grann
Marilyn Grayburn
Estelle Greco
Jules Greenberg
Rose Greenberg
Ellin Greene
Joan Greenfield
Joanna Greenspon
Bernice Grohskopf
Ruth Belov Gross
William L. Gross
Rosalind Guaraldo
Catherine Guillory
Lawrence Gutman
Robert W. Gutman
Christina Gutt
Lewis I. Haber
Ilse Haefele
Adele J. Haft
Raizel Halpin
Janice Handler
Gerard Hanley
Patricia Hansen
Ralph E. Hansmann
Josie Harkness
Harland Family Trust
Michele Harley
Conrad K. Harper
Jeffrey Harper
Gail Irwin Hartman
Robert G. Hartmann
Grace W. Harvey
Gregory F. Hauser
Judith Hayman
Olga and Martin Hayott
Andrée Hayum
Janet Heiligman
Elizabeth Heine
Mrs. Andrew Heiskell
Antoinette Heit
Carol Hekimian
Ellen M. Helinka
Alice Helpern
James Wood Henderson
Joan E. Henricksen
Rita K. and Richard W. Herber
Phyllis and Seymour Herschberg
Robert W. Hewitt
Susan Hill
Lois N. Hilton
Claus W. Hirsch
Takaji Hishiyama
Gail Hitt
Roberta Hodes
Linora Hoffman
Anne J. Hofmann
Mrs. James Hoge
Erica Holstein
Florence A. Horenstein
Greta Horn
Charles T. Howard
Rikki Hudes-Michels
Alice C. Hudson
Anne M. Hughes
Mrs. Sidney Hughes
Sophie A. Hughes
William Hughes
Cheryl Hurley
Jean Hurley
Isabelle and Jerome E. Hyman
Saeko Ichinohe
IK Trust
Anja Impola
Janet and Paul Irgang
Nina M. Itkin
Carolyn Ann Jackson
Clifford Jackson
Richard H. Jackson
William V. Jackson
Dorri Jacobs
Irma B. Jaffe
David Jarrett
Gertrude Jelinek
Gordana and Joseph Jelisavcic
Lucy Jensen
Eleanor M. Johnson
Phyllis La Farge Johnson
Theresa M. Johnson
Elaine and Nathan Joseph
Jennifer Josephy
Peter H. Judd
Dorothy Jupin
Janet Jurist
Ellen Kagan
David Kahn
Brenda Kamen
Carolyn Kane
Joan and Norman B.
* Kanof
David M. Kaplan
Evelyn Rypins Kaplan
H. David Kaplan
Stephen J. Karakashian
William W. Karatz
Miriam Kartch-Hughes
Edward Kasinec
Elizabeth Katsivelos
Eleanor Katz
Beatrice Kaufman
Dr. Sivia Kaye
Blanche Kit Kearns
Patricia Kelly
Mr. and Mrs. Finbar Kenny
Nicholas Kepros
L. Wilson Kidd, Jr.
Alan Kimmel
Patricia King
Janet Kispert-White and Peter White
Ruth M. Kivette
Milada Klatil
Blanche Klein
Jane L. Klein
Melissa Klein
Doris M. Kling
Patricia D. Klingenstein
Raymond Knowles
Stephen Koch
Lotte Kohler
Carolyn Kopp
Carol S. Kostik
Arlyne Krum
Thomas Kudas
Susan Kulick
James I. Lader
Jan Lakin
Eleanor Landi
Charlene Landis
Lynn D. Lane
Scott and Tracy Lange
Cyrilla Dorn Langeais
Joan L. Larson
Don Laviano
Hulda Lawrence
Rachel Lawrence
Ruth Ann Leach
Paul LeClerc
Russell V. Lee
Susan Lee
Catherine A. Lennon
Irma S. Leon
Joseph Peter Leong
Thomas Leslie
Leonard Levenson
Mrs. Richard R. Levie
Lawrence Levine
Mark Levine
Mrs. Edward Levitt
Mr. and Mrs. Abraham Levy
Elizabeth Rivers Lewine
Edith Lewis
Iris Liberman
Kelsey Libner
George Liker
Joan K. Lince
Susan E. Linder
Ruth Clare Lipper
Charlotte Lipson
Irma P. Lobel
Annea F. Lockwood
Catherine Lomuscio
Frank Lomuscio Jr.
Russell Longano
Gabrielle Longhi
Renee F. Lord
Mona Lourie
Karyl Charna Lynn          
Marion Lynton
Virginia S. Lyon
Chris MacLeod
Jan Maier
Bella Malinka
Hermes Mallea
Carey C. Maloney
Faye Mandel
Thomas A. Manning
Tessie C. Mantzoros
Jack M. Marcus
Lois G. Marcus
Ronald A. Margulis
Betty Marks
Raymond M. Marsh
Lorraine Mashioff
Harry M. Matthews, Jr.
Lynne Maxwell
Gregg Mayer
M.J. McAuliffe
Remy McBurney
Bridget S. McCarthy
Charles McCown
Margaret K. McElderry
Ann McGowan
Ann F. McHugh
Susan McKeon
Frederick McKinnon
Robert McLaughlin and Norma McMillan
Barbara McMenemy
Bonnie L. Mechanick
Robert L. Meineker
Phyllis Melhado
Robert Menschel
Marina Mercado
Guy Merckx
Colman G. Merithew
Thomas Mermall
Jaymie Meyer
Mr. and Mrs. Louis Meyer
Kay Michaels
Ann Davidson Michell
Bernice Migdal
Marcia D. Miller
Naomi Miller
Joan Mintz and Robinson Markel
Eileen F. Monaghan
Roy and Alma Moore
William R. Moran
Marion E. Morey
Amanda Morford-Lovett
Evelyn Morgenbesser
Jack Morgenstein
Dolores O. Morris
Jill M. Morris
Norma Morris
Dorothy Mosheim
Rhoma Mostel
Priscilla Muller
Carol F. Mungin
Winthrop R. Munyan
Irene Stober Murphy
Murray L. Nathan
Pamela Miller Ness and Paul Ness
Carol R. Netzer
Dr. Carol Neuls-Bates
Barbara Newman
Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Lindsley Newman
Diane Allen Nixon
Malcolm C. Nolen
Demetra K. Notaras
Eleanor November
Anita O'Gara
Doris Ohlsen
Gertrude Oothout
Helene and Martin Oppenheimer
Henry D. Owen
Geoffrey and Nancy Paine
Nicole Paisner
Naomi Andrews Palmer
Barbara Lee Parker
Richard Pasqual
Rosalie Pataro
Carol Ann Payne
Irene B. Payne
Marion Pearce
Judith B. Pegg
Edith Penty
Anne Perkins
Gregory J. Peterson
Barbara Petroske
Lemoine Pierce
Patricia Pierce
Geri and Lester Pollack
Paula Praeger
Eleanor Pripadcheff
Lourdes Proto
Robert W. Radtke
Diane J. Radycki
Fyat Raines
Howard Rapp
Rhoda Rappaport *
Mary Ratcliffe
Marilyn B. Reagan
John Reeser
John E. Reilly, Jr.
Myron L. Reis
Mr. and Mrs. Michael Reiss
Trudy Reitz
Michelle A. Ridgely
Rosina L. Ripton
Muriel Robbins
Gilda Roberts
Herbert Robinson
Wayne A. Robinson
Ruthjane Robitaille
Barbara Rodgers
Rama Rodvien
Mr. and Mrs. Edward H. Roesner
Marian Rogers
Jose Romeu, M.D.
Ethel Grodzins Romm
Evelyn Ronell
Adam R. Rose
Margot P. Rose
Marshall Rose
Ellen Rosen
Sheila M. Rosen
Maggy Magerstadt Rosner
Joann Ross
Morgan Ross
Phyllis Ross
Mr. and Mrs. Howard Roth
Belle Rothberg
Miriam B. Rothberg
Alan Miles Rothenberg
Francine M. Rothenberg
Deborah E. Rothschild
Ruth Rowen
Eileen and Ted Rowland
S. J. Rozan
Dana Rubin
Harriette Rubinstein
Julius Rudel
Jamie Russell
Mariann Russell
Rinaldina Russell
Geraldine Q. Ruthchild
Margaret H. Sachter
Aimee Saginaw
Richard E. Salomon
Harvey Salzman
Richard G. and Marguerite Sanders
Edith S. Sands
Lorna J. Sass
Carol Sauerhaft
Robert Sawyer and Charlotte Barnard
Naomi Schechter
Susan Schindler
Marie Schisano
Walter J. Schloss
Anne Kaufman Schneider
Elizabeth Schneider
Mollie Schneider
Jean P. Schoales
Katherine R. Schubart
H. Joseph Scott
Lenore Scott
Martin E. Segal
Susan Seidel
Barbara Seiger
Delia A. Selby
Judith Sellner
Sidney Shanker
Anita R. Shapiro
Nancy Shapiro
Joan Shaw
Marie Shear
Carol Shedlin
Abraham Sheingold
Helen B. Sheldon
John R. Sherman
John T. Shields
David Shire
Charlotte Shoemaker
Eileen M. Shore
Joysanne Sidimus
Thea Siegel 
Robert B. Silvers
Samuel M. Silvers
John and Marian Simpson
Gilda Slate
Irene W. Slone
Susan Sloves
Anne Elizabeth Smith
Renee M. Smith
Elma and Meyer Smolen
Helen Smoler
Leida Snow
Richard E. Snyder
Leona Sobel
Edward Sorel
Carmelo V. Spadafore
Amy R. Sperling
Carol Springstun
Marvin D. Spritzler
Nancy Starr
Lila Steinberg-Rockstein
Joshua L. Steiner
Martha Roby Stephens
Claire Stern
June Stern
Sandy Stern
Linda Stillman
Mrs. Peter H. Stone
Nina Strattner
Steven Strauss
Julia Strohm
Philip Strongin
Randel S. Stubbs
Estelle S. Sussman
Jeanne M. Sutherland
Eileen Sutton
Dorothy L. Swerdlove
Sheila C. Swigert
Jean M. Szczypien
Martha Tack
Anthony Taylor
Patricia R. Taylor
Joan Templeton
Lorina Tester
Katrina Thomas
Simone M. Thornber
Leo Tick
Maria Ting
Gloria Title
Tobi Tobias
Alyce W. Toonk
Gladys Topkis
Tom Topor
Albertha Toppins
Sylvia Tosoni
Marianne Troy
Patricia Trutty-Coohill
Patricia Koo Tsien
Paul and Susan Turok
Mrs. Ernest Ulrich
Sally Alice Unkles
Demetra C. and John H. Vagelos
Jamie Venise
Constance Vidor
John Vinton
Marie C.K. Vitale
Thomas J. Volpe
Dina Von Zweck
Ingrid E. Voss
Joan Vreeland
Carol Waaser
Susanna Margare Wachtel
Stephen Wagley
Dorit Wallach
Mrs. Ira D. Wallach
Joan M. Walsh
Aileen Ward
Nancy D. Warfield
Janice D. Warnke
Anne Clark Washburn
Claire Wasserman
Mrs. Morris T. Weeks
Jane Weidlund
William L. Weinrod
Irene Weissman
Marilyn E. and Kenneth I. Weissman
Gayle W. Welling
Barbara Welter
Jean and Kenneth Wentworth
Wallace White, Jr.
Laura B. Whitman
Bonna and Richard F. Whitten-Stoval
Dora L. Wiebenson
Nancy Wight
Refna Wilkin
Dolores M. Wills
Virginia and Joseph Winokur
Walt Witcover
Barbara A. Withers
Roxane Witke
Marilyn Wolf
Michael Wolf
Elizabeth R. Woodman
J. Robert Wright
Larry Yates
Marcella Diane Young
Helene Zarember
Gertrude Zehner
Frances Zibrosky
Vera L. Zolberg
Miriam Troop Zuger

* Deceased

Named Endowment Funds
   Established with Gifts or Pledges
   of $100,000 or More

Allen & Company Incorporated Book Fund
Altman Foundation Endowment Fund
Karen and Tucker Andersen Book Fund
Anheuser-Busch Endowment Fund for
   the Schomburg Center for Research
   in Black Culture
Rita and Helen Anton Endowment Fund
   for the Jewish Division and the Library
   for the Performing Arts
Arents Fund
Astor Fellowship Fund
The Brooke Russell Astor Chief Librarian
   of Rare Books and Manuscripts Fund
Brooke Russell Astor Endowment Fund
   for Books
The Vincent Astor Foundation Fund
The Vincent Astor Foundation Fund
   for The Branch Libraries
George F. Baker Fund
Mr. and Mrs. Timothy R. Barakett
   Endowment for Children's and Young
   Adult Programs and Services
Salo W. & Jeannette M. Baron Foundation
   Endowment Fund
Celeste Bartos Forum Conservation Fund
Celeste Bartos Fund for Exhibitions
Celeste Bartos Fund for Public Education
The Celeste and Adam Bartos Endowment
The Celeste Bartos and Jonathan Altman
   Endowment Fund
Mahnaz Ispahani Bartos and Adam Bartos
   Exhibitions Fund
Carrie Sperry Beinecke Fund
Harold B. Benenson Endowed Book Fund
Henry W. and Albert A. Berg Fund
The Margaret Liebman Berger Endowment
The Helen Bernstein Award for Excellence
   in Journalism Fund
The Helen Bernstein Chief Librarian
   for Periodicals and Journals Fund
The John S. Billings Memorial Fund 
The John and Constance Birkelund
   Endowment Fund
Dennis L. Bonner Fund for the Schomburg
   Center for Research in Black Culture
The William G. Bowen Endowment for
   Technology and Scholarship
Jean MacElwee Brown Endowment Fund
Margaret L. Brown Fund for the Care
   and Preservation of Manuscripts
The M. Ronald Brukenfeld Book Fund in
   honor of Marjorie Loggia
Susie Brummer Endowment for the
   Processing of Materials in
   the Music Division
The Ben F. Bryer, M.D., F.A.C.S.,
   Endowment Fund to improve the quality
   of life through education.
The Sally and Samuel C. Butler Endowment
Samuel C. Butler History Collections
   Endowment Fund
Joe A. Callaway Endowment Fund for
   the Theatre Collection
Joan Hardy Clark Book Fund
Peter A. and Elizabeth S. Cohn Endowment
Lois Collier Endowment for Services to
   Immigrant Communities
Charles H. Contoit Fund for the Branch
Katharine Cornell Endowment Fund
The Thomas B. Costain Endowment for
   the Center for the Humanities
Mildred and Emma Crowell Endowment
The Dorothy and Lewis B. Cullman Curator
   for Theatre Fund
The Dorothy and Lewis B. Cullman
   Endowment for the Center for Scholars
   and Writers
The Dorothy and Lewis B. Cullman
   Endowment for the Library for
   the Performing Arts
The Dorothy and Lewis B. Cullman Fund
   for the Performing Arts Research Center
The Lewis B. and Dorothy Cullman
   Endowment for the Science, Industry
   and Business Library
Charles E. Culpeper Foundation Fund
Mina Kirstein Curtiss Fund
Irvin Dagen and Margaret W. Dagen
Dance Special Acquisitions Fund
Anne E. de la Renta Cataloging Endowment
Anne E. de la Renta Endowment Fund
Gladys K. Delmas Endowment to Support
   Collections in Music and Dance at
   the Library for the Performing Arts
Gladys and Jean Delmas Endowment for
   the Performing Arts Research Center
Jean Paul Delmas Book Fund
Jean Paul Delmas Endowment for the
   Music Division
The Susan and Douglas Dillon Chief
   Librarian of the Oriental Division Fund
Ruth W. Dolen Fund
The Dorot Chief Librarian of the Jewish
   Division and Bibliographer in Jewish
   Studies Fund
The Dorot Foundation Fund for The Dorot
   Jewish Division
Katrina and Andreas C. Dracopoulos Family
   Endowment for Young Audiences
James H. Duffy Staff Education Endowment
E.H.A. Foundation Endowment for Literacy
E.H.A. Foundation New York City
William Falencki Book Fund for Polish
The Feder Endowment Fund
The Gregory and Linda Fischbach
   Endowment Fund for Collections
Barbara and Lawrence Fleischman
   Endowed Book Fund
The Barbara G. and Lawrence A.
   Fleischman Executive Director for
   The New York Public Library for
   the Performing Arts Fund
The Ford Foundation Fund for the Scholars-
   in-Residence Program at the Schomburg
   Center for Research in Black Culture
The Ford Foundation Fund for the Theatre
   on Film and Tape Archive at The New York
   Public Library for the Performing Arts
Ford Funds 
The Ann and Richard Fudge Endowment
Adele Dembiec Gehler Endowment Fund
Dr. and Mrs. Bernard R. Gelbaum
The New York Public Library General Book
   Fund Endowment
The Getty Endowment for Recorded Sound
Getty Literary Endowment
The Joanna Jackson Goldman Memorial
   Lecture Endowment Fund
Barbara Goldsmith Endowment Fund for
   Preservation and Conservation
The Horace W. Goldsmith Foundation
   Cataloging Endowment
The Jean and Jula Goldwurm Memorial
   Foundation Endowment Fund
Jula Goldwurm Endowment for Opera and
   Classical Vocal Music Collections
Howard L. Goodhart Memorial Fund
John D. Gordan Memorial Fund
The Vartan Gregorian Book Stack
Lawrence and Phyllis Gross Endowment
Louise Grunwald Endowment Fund
The Louise and Henry Grunwald
   Endowment Fund
The Susan and John Gutfreund Endowment
Inez Barbour Hadley Fund for the Henry
   Hadley Memorial Library
The Katherine B. Hadley Fund for
Edward S. Harkness Fund
Mrs. Stephen V. Harkness Fund
Mabel Herbert Harper Funds
Helen and Thomas Hastings Fund
The Howard Haycraft Endowment for
   the Center for the Humanities
William Randolph Hearst Endowment for the
   Acquisition and Processing of Periodicals in
   the General Research Division
William Randolph Hearst Foundation
   Scholarship Fund
Drue Heinz Book Fund for English Literature
Hermione Foundation Endowment Fund
Roger and Susan Hertog Endowment Fund
Mahnaz Ispahani and Adam Bartos
   Endowment Fund
Isabel C. and Walter T. Iverson Book Fund
Carl Jacobs Foundation Photography
Robert Wood Johnson Jr. Charitable
   Trust Fund
Barbara Joseph Endowment Fund
Jeremiah Kaplan Endowment for
   the Social Sciences
The Barbara L. Karatz Acquisition Fund
The Barbara and William Karatz Fund
   for the Center for Scholars and Writers
William W. Karatz Fund for Acquisitions in
   the Science, Industry and Business Library
Edward G. Kennedy Print Fund
Otto Kinkeldey Fund for the Music Division
The Robert M. Kirk Fund for Religion of
The Ruth and Seymour Klein Endowment
   for Exhibitions provided by the Bertha
   and Isaac Liberman Foundation, Inc.
The Ruth Kleinman Fund
Mr. and Mrs. John Klingenstein Foundation
   Endowment Fund
Elinor D. Krauthamer Book Fund
The Jeanette Labelson Memorial Endowment
Roy E. Larsen Fund
The Harry Lebensfeld Fund for Economics
   and the Dorot Jewish Division
Lewis Cass Ledyard Fund
Lewis Cass Ledyard Legacy
The Martin and Sylvia Leifer Endowment
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Liberman
The Charles J. Liebman Endowment Fund
The New York Public Library Jewish Division
   Littauer Book Fund
The Frederick Loewe Foundation Endowment
   for Musical Theatre
The Lucille Lortel Endowment Fund for
   the Theatre on Film and Tape Archive
Jesse Lowen Memorial Fund
Harry M. Lydenberg Fund
Duncan MacDougald Jr. Fund
The Louisa Rice Malkin, Rebecca Swift
   Malkin, Elizabeth Lummis Malkin
   and Emily Mason Malkin Fund for
   Literary Works
The Berthe Manent Fund
Meyer and Min Manischewitz Foundation
   Inc. Endowment Fund
The Marie Markus Endowment Fund
Catherine and Donald Marron Endowment
Donald B. and Catherine C. Marron
   Endowment Fund
Helen A. Masten Endowment for Scholarships
   for Children's Librarians
Charles J. Mauro Fund
Joseph and Ceil Mazer Jewish Division
   Endowment Fund
William McFarland Fund
Ben Meiselman Fund for Opera
The Andrew W. Mellon Director of
   The Research Libraries Fund
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Fund
   for Cataloging
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Fund
   for Fellowships in the Center for Scholars
   and Writers
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Fund
   for The Research Libraries
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation Fund
   for the Schomburg Center for Research
   in Black Culture
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
   Preservation Fund
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
   Preservation Fund for the General
   Research Collections
The Andrew W. Mellon Foundation
   Technological Planning Fund
The Robert B. Menschel Curator of
   Photography Fund
The Robert and Joyce Menschel Director
   for the Science, Industry and Business
   Library Fund
The Merck Company Foundation
   Endowment Fund for the Schomburg
   Center for Research in Black Culture
Kathryn and Gilbert Miller Fund
   Endowment for the Theatre on Film and
   Tape Archive
The Irma and Paul Milstein Division of
   United States History, Local History
   and Genealogy Endowment Fund
J. P. Morgan & Company Incorporated Fund
   for the Economic and Public Affairs Division
William C. Morris Endowment Fund
The Belle and Murray L. Nathan Endowment
   for the Dance Collection
National Endowment for the Arts Fund for
   the Dance Collection
National Endowment for the Arts Fund for
   the Performing Arts Research Center
National Endowment for the Humanities
   Endowment for The Manuscripts and
   Archives Division
National Endowment for the Humanities
   Fund for Humanities Acquisitions
The Susan and Donald Newhouse Fund for
   the Center for Scholars and Writers
The Susan and Donald Newhouse Fund for
   the Schomburg Scholars-in-Residence
Esther Tow Newman and Stephen Gottlieb
Shoichi Noma Book Endowment for Oriental
Nyerere Fund
The Family of Donald and Mary Oenslager
   Fund for the Library for the
   Performing Arts
Maurice J. Oringer Fund
Max Palevsky Endowment for
   the Robert B. Silvers Lecture
William S. Paley Book Fund
The Parsons Family Foundation Endowment
   Fund for Schomburg Collections
Oliver Payne Memorial Fund
Peck Stacpoole United States History, Local
   History and Genealogy Endowment Fund
Jacob Perlow Fund
Carl H. Pforzheimer Fund
The Carl and Lily Pforzheimer Foundation,
Lionel I. Pincus Endowment Fund for
   the Map Division
Fairlie Honeyman Popovic Endowment Fund
   for Librarian Scholarships
The Harold Prince Fund for the Theatre on
   Film and Tape Archive
The Henry and Henrietta Quade Foundation
   Endowment Fund
The Aaron and Clara Greenhut Rabinowitz
   Chief Librarian for Preservation Fund
The Aaron and Clara Greenhut Rabinowitz
The Hirsch and Braine Raskin Foundation
   Book Endowment
Tibor Remenyi Collection Fund
Rhode Island Corporation Fund
Jerome Robbins Archive of the Recorded
   Moving Image Fund
The Jerome Robbins Foundation Endowment
   Fund for the Dance Division
Alfred W. Roberts New York City Real Estate
   and Real Estate Law Collection Fund
Charles E. Culpeper Endowment from
   the Rockefeller Brothers Fund for
   the Collections of the Schomburg Center for
   Research in Black Culture
Rockefeller Brothers Dance Documentation
   Endowment Fund
Rockefeller Foundation Performing Arts Fund
   at the Schomburg Library
David Rockefeller Endowment Fund
John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Fund
Rodgers and Hammerstein Chair for
   Recorded Sound Fund
Rodgers and Hammerstein Foundation Fund
The Elizabeth and Felix Rohatyn Endowment
The Elizabeth and Felix Rohatyn Endowment
   Fund for the Science, Industry and
   Business Library
Billy Rose Theatre Collection Fund
The Frederick Phineas and Sandra Priest
   Rose Chief Librarian of the General
   Research Division Fund
The Susan and Elihu Rose Foundation in
   Honor of Marshall Rose
The Judy R. and Alfred A. Rosenberg Curator
   of Exhibitions Fund for The New York
   Public Library for the Performing Arts
Dr. Herman Rosenthal Family Memorial
   Fund for Russian Collections
Elizabeth E. Roth Fund
Edna Barnes Salomon Room Fund
The Iris and Ralph Salomon Cartographic
   Preservation Endowment Fund
The Richard and Edna Salomon Fund
The Fan Fox and Leslie R. Samuels
   Foundation Fund for the Dance Collection
Rona and Martin L. Schneider Endowment
   for the Print Collection
Irving and Sara Selis Endowment for
   the Andrew Heiskell Braille and Talking
   Book Library
Leo Seltzer Endowment
Evelyn Shrifte Endowed Book Fund in
   memory of the Shrifte Family
Almet Skeel Fund
Emily E. F. Skeel Fund
Margaret and Herman Sokol Endowment
Margaret and Herman Sokol Endowment
   Fund for the Science, Industry and
   Business Library and for the Library for
   the Performing Arts
Margaret and Herman Sokol Public
   Education Fund
The Alfred Z. Solomon – Janet A. Sloane
   Fashion Industry Endowment Fund
The William Augustus Spencer Fund
The Starr Foundation Endowment Fund
Jules and Doris Stein Foundation and Jean
   Stein Fund for Small Press Publications
Miriam and Harold Steinberg Foundation
   Exhibition Fund
Miriam and Harold Steinberg Foundation
   Fund for Drama
Saul P. Steinberg Cataloging Endowment
Saul and Gayfryd Steinberg Endowment
   for Exhibitions
Lola Szladits Memorial Fund for the Berg
Arthur Tracy “The Street Singer”
   Endowment Fund
Barbara W. Tuchman Fund
Mel and Lois Tukman Endowment Fund
Uris Fund for Children's Books
Alberto Vitale Endowment for
   the Digital Library
Joyce von Bothmer Fund in honor
   of Vartan Gregorian
The Sue and Edgar Wachenheim III
   Endowment Fund for Exhibition
The Sue and Edgar Wachenheim III
   Endowment Fund for Exhibitions
The Sue and Edgar Wachenheim III Fund
DeWitt Wallace Endowment Fund
DeWitt Wallace–Reader's Digest Fund for
   the Current Periodicals Room
The Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Cataloging
   and Conservation of Art, Prints and
   Photographs Fund
The Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Chief
   Librarian of Art, Prints and Photographs
The Miriam and Ira D. Wallach Fund for
   the Purchase of Items for the Division
   of Art, Prints and Photographs
Bruno Walter Memorial Foundation Fund
Weatherhead Foundation Book Fund
Hebe Weenolsen Endowment for British
   and American History
The Sue Ann and John Weinberg Director of
   the Center for Scholars and Writers Fund
The John C. Whitehead Book Fund in honor
   of Nancy Dickerson Whitehead
Payne Whitney Legacy
Henry and Muriel Winestine Memorial
   Fund for Adult Literacy Programs
Young Lions Fiction Award Endowment
Sergei S. Zlinkoff Fund for Medical Research
   and Education Endowment



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