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The Office of Digital and Print Publications makes information about the Library more broadly available to the public through a variety of publications, such as books, newsletters, magazines, digital exhibitions, blogs, and the Annual Report. Using emerging digital technologies and popular social-media tools, the Publications Office expands public access to Library materials, engages new audiences, and explores the meaning of literacy in the digital era.



NOW, published three times a year, features listings of free exhibitions, programs, and classes for adults at The New York Public Library.

Roar! UpRoar
Roar! UpRoar, published four times a year, features information on free programs and activities for children and teens at The New York Public Library.

Bookmark, published three times a year, features news, interviews, and membership information for supporters of The New York Public Library.

On the Road with Candide
On the Road with Candide uses The New York Public Library's on-site exhibition Candide at 250: Scandal and Success as a jumping-off point for a unique online journey that invites the involvement of students, scholars, artists, and more. The website helps bring to life this 250-year-old text, with all its raciness, for today's audiences. Users explore a new kind of pick-and-choose visual storytelling, plus a "Candide Journey" project created in Google Maps by Brooklyn 10th graders. Highlights include:

  •  Images from the great American illustrator Rockwell Kent's edition of Candide from
   1928 (the first book published under the Random House imprint)
•  A multimedia section, including a video of NYPL President Paul LeClerc discussing
   Voltaire's relevance today
•  All Possible Worlds, featuring blog posts from a rotating all-star roster of NYPL curators
   and guest writers discussing the many paths Candide has taken through the popular
   and scholarly imagination
•  Candide Digital Edition, a full electronic edition of the book in which commissioned
   readers and the general public can post digital marginalia alongside Voltaire's text

NYPL Column in The Huffington Post
On May 6, 2010, The New York Public Library posted its first column in The Huffington Post. The branded content space, which appears on the front page of the New York section, regularly features original interviews, unique multimedia content, a behind-the-scenes look at LIVE from the NYPL, slide shows of items from NYPL's collections, and much more.


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